Thursday, June 06, 2013

From Sisaket

1. Organisation. Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation, is incorporated in, and operates only in Thailand with the purpose of running children's homes and schools for Aids-affected and disadvantaged children. Our children's centers are located in Petchabun, Khon Kaen and Phrae.
The Mercy web site is

2. Mercy Language School Sisaket is a commercially-based English Language School in Sisaket (N.E. Thailand) which was donated to Mercy International by an American couple who moved to different areas of ministry in the US. Our students come from the local schools and pay for tuition. They are aged from 5 to adult. Profits of the school are channeled to Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation.

3. The Curriculum: We use Oxford and Cambridge courses. We currently have about 20 different courses, which are run at different times of the year. A Teacher's Manual, and CDs are provided for all courses. The students use student books and work books. We also provide other resources for use in the classroom. Classes run for one hour.

 4. The Need. We currently have 3 Thai teachers and 3 foreigner teachers, and we have an ongoing need for new teachers. Teachers coming from overseas need a teaching qualification or a TESOL Certificate. They also require a police clearance to obtain their visa. A Blue Card (in Australia) is sufficient for this. They also need to send a copy of their passports and a transcript of their teaching qualifications. Applicants need to be self-motivated, willing and helpful and able to work as part of a team.

5. Conditions. Native English speaking teachers coming in from overseas are paid a monthly allowance of 12000 baht, which covers expenses. This is a part-time teaching position (see below for hours). You can live quite cheaply here. Accommodation (air-conditioned) is provided at the school and there is no charge for this. We have a fully equipped kitchen, which we use to cook our own meals, although eating out is so cheap it often seems the easier option at 8.30pm!  Teachers currently teaching in the Thai system, and not requiring accommodation, are paid at a different rate depending on experience and skills.

We are also connected to the internet by wireless broadband and we have access to satellite television. A large range of books and DVDs is available to staff. Conditions are very comfortable.

6. Opportunities. There are opportunities for both short term (i.e.3 - 6 months) and longer term contracts. We have 4 terms in the year and the dates for 2017 are: January term: 09th Jan - 16th Mar, May term: 1st May - 6th July, July Term: 17th July - 21 September,  October Term: 2nd October - 7th December, 2017

 Our working hours are 4:30 – 8:00pm Mon to Thurs . Foreign teachers are expected to teach at least two evening classes per day, more if required.  Additional Saturday classes are often organised according to demand. Teachers are expected to teach Saturday classes if there is such a demand.

Sisaket is a provincial town in the NE of Thailand on the rail line east from Bangkok to Ubon. It does not have either the wealth or the problems of Bangkok or other large regional centres and we find it a very pleasant place to live. There is a large department store down the road which stocks most requirements. Recently three new superstores have opened up on the outskirts of Sisaket so we lack for little. Trains are regular and reliable (about a 9 hour trip), and we usually use the train when traveling to Bangkok. A 2nd class sleeper costs about Aus $24, a 1st class a/c sleeper about $36 one way (depending on the exchange rate!). There are also day trains. There are also three airlines which service the city of Ubon Ratchathani, one hour's drive from here.

8. Calling. We are looking for teachers who desire to help the young people of Thailand learn English. Our students pay for tuition and are taught only recognized English courses. We aim to give them quality education and demonstrate the love of God to them through our actions. We require that our teachers respect our Christian standards of behaviour inside and outside of the school environment.

We would be interested to hear from you if, after considering the above, you feel you may like to teach with us. We would like to hear of your background, Christian walk (if any), any special abilities you may have (e.g. musical), some personal details and anything that you feel we need to know to help us help you to adjust to a cross-cultural teaching situation.

Contact the school by email: Please email The Manager at
To phone the school:  +6645631090 (landline)